The future of digital marketing


The future of digital marketing is not far too ahead of us. The development of new technologies and AI is taking digital marketing to a whole new level. Continue reading to know how.

Artificial Intelligence is no longer science fiction!

We passed a long time ago, the period where artificial intelligence was seen only in sci-fi movies and novels. The technology is already part of our lives, and it is evolving rapidly.

The best example that this article and the article in Forbes magazine gives on how this technology already exists in our lives, are the chat bots on several webpages across the internet.

These bots exist, in order to customers get an immediate response and perhaps clarify their queries without a need of human interaction. Bots, are available 24/7, which gives the customer a better experience. However, as great as these bots might be, there is still a great space for improvement.


Alexa, SEARCH…

Together with AI, comes the tendency of voice search. With the increase of smart devices, voice search content demand, is also increasing. And that reflects on SEO content. However, it doesn’t affect the importance of the SEO existence.

What is influencer marketing?

The influencer marketing have existed for decades, but the way it is portrayed changed completely. In the past, influencer marketing was explicitly sponsored, and the advert itself would be more formal.

Nowadays, and in the future of digital marketing, influencer marketing are more and more getting rid of the advert shape. Testimonial videos of celebrities claiming to use a certain product, or influential people mentioning an event and etc, is increasing and social media is the main platform for this kind of marketing.

This type of marketing evolved and grew so much, that currently individuals became professionals on influencing.

Oh yes, Virtual reality!

Virtual reality and augmented reality are not just an imersing visual experience, but the 3 dimension can be used in a very functional way, for example furniture fitting. A few furniture companies, such as, IKEA developed apps so customers can fit furniture in their space.

Incredible isn’t it? I can not wait for what the future future of marketing will bring us.

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